Social Security, Healthcare and Education

School Choice and Education Reform

No one cares more about a child’s education than his or her parents. And that means no one is better equipped than parents to make educational decisions. Empowering parents is a key component in Carl DeMaio’s fight to ensure our nation’s children are receiving a quality education.

Carl DeMaio believes all parents – not just the wealthy – should have an opportunity to make a real choice when it comes to their children’s education. By expanding parental choice, Carl DeMaio is encouraging competition to provide the highest quality education at all schools – public or private.

Carl DeMaio supports reforms such as California’s “Parent Trigger” Law that empowers parents to demand improvements from failing schools. 

Academic standards, testing systems and curriculum should be set by states and local educators with input from parents – without coercion from the federal government – to ensure those who know our children best are able to shape their education to excel in college and the workplace.

Repeal ObamaCare and Reform Healthcare Costs

ObamaCare and other government-run healthcare systems have failed – causing prices to skyrocket and robbing individuals of their healthcare choices.  Carl DeMaio supports reforms that would make it easier to obtain quality health insurance at an affordable price.  Under the current government mandates, most people do not have the opportunity to pick the health plan that is right for them. That decision is taken out of their hands either by the government, by their employer or by the insurance company that is chosen. This one-size-fits-all approach many times causes customers to pay for coverage and benefits they do not want or need, while denying or limiting coverage and benefits that the customer may desire and be willing to buy. Government mandates and insurance bureaucracies are undermining the doctor-patient relationship, and taking medical decisions out of the hands of the professionals.  Carl DeMaio will fight to protect patient choice and the responsibility of doctors to recommend the best treatment for their patients.

Protect Social Security and Medicare for Our Seniors

Carl DeMaio will defend Medicare from raids by politicians.  That is why he opposes ObamaCare’s continued $700 billion raid on Medicare funding that was first enacted in 2009.  Congress should be passing reforms to protect and strengthen Medicare for our seniors, not weaken it.  Carl DeMaio will insist that we keep our Social Security commitments to the American people -- both for those already retired and those who will retire in the future.