National Defense and Veterans

Support the US Military and Win the War Against Terror

After years of devastating budget cuts and politicians attempting to impose social policy agendas on the Department of Defense, Carl DeMaio believes we need to return to the basics of war-fighting.  DeMaio supports increased funding for the DOD Budget for investments in weaponry, technology, and staffing. 

From day one in office, the Trump Administration has empowered Secretary Mattis and our military to target and eliminate ISIS – and it is working!  In addition to defeating ISIS in other countries, we must hold our counter-terrorism programs accountable for aggressively targeting, monitoring and prosecuting anyone who engages in radical Islamic activities.


Give Veterans the Care and Benefits They Earned

San Diego is a military town and caring for our veterans is a priority. Carl DeMaio supports reforming the VA so benefits are processed properly and in a timely manner.  DeMaio believes the VA Healthcare system must be held accountable for both service and quality standards and our veterans should be given the choice of using private healthcare providers if the VA is not meeting their needs.