Jobs and the Economy

"It's time to get San Diegans back to work. Our elected leaders should have an obligation to cut the red tape and help remove obstacles to achieving the American dream." - Carl DeMaio

Carl DeMaio’s philosophy is simple: if you are willing to work hard, the American Dream should be yours. Unfortunately, the American Dream is out-of-reach for too many. People are working harder, but feel like they are falling further behind. Something has to change – and that something is government.

Cut the Red Tape – Make Work Easier

Carl DeMaio built two small businesses from nothing – creating jobs, meeting a payroll, and successfully selling both companies. He knows first-hand the frustration of dealing with regulations and mandates from govenrment that impose massive costs on employers and working families. Carl DeMaio will demand regular reviews of all existing government regulations to ensure their benefits are worth their costs – and lead the charge to cut unnecessary red tape that is costing us jobs.

Reform the Tax Code: Fairness and Opportunity

You cannot tax your way to prosperity. That’s why Carl DeMaio opposes tax increases on the middle class. When San Diego’s downtown insiders supported a massive sales tax in 2010 to pay for bloated government pensions, Carl DeMaio led the campaign to defeat the hike. Carl DeMaio stands up for middle class working families who already pay more than their fair share in taxes. Just opposing tax hikes is not enough — We must reform the tax code itself. Loopholes and special interest provisions allow some to evade paying their fair share, while government attempts to manipulate the tax code to pick winners and losers. The tax games have to stop. Carl DeMaio believes the tax code should be simplified and flattened to make sure it is fair to all.

Invest in Our Future: Workforce Education

A quality education is the key to success and prosperity. Carl DeMaio will be a champion of reforms to strengthen our K-12 education system and expand access to college so our children are prepared to compete in a 21st century economy. Locally, DeMaio supports using the San Diego Workforce Partnership and local employers to improve job training for workers at every stage of their career path.

Rebuild Our Communities: Economic Infrastructure

After years of neglect, our infrastructure has fallen into disrepair. San Diego’s local roads are just one example. We cannot have a strong economy unless we invest in our core infrastructure: roads, highways, airports, maritime ports, the power grid, our border crossings with Mexico, and broadband internet. Carl DeMaio will fight for more funding for San Diego’s local infrastructure and will promote policy changes and public-private partnerships to encourage market-based investment in infrastructure.