Ethics and Campaign Finance Reform

"It's time to get big money out of politics and return control of our government to the citizens." -Carl DeMaio

Require Politicians to Live Under the Same Laws As the Public

Politicians have given themselves special exemptions and perks in laws - creating a double-standard. It is time to eliminate the perks and the special exemptions.  Politicians should be required to live under the same laws as the people they represent. 

Curb Corporate and Union Campaign Spending by Requiring Permission-Based Contributions

Carl DeMaio proposes to curb the influence of “big money” in politics by requiring that the contributions made by Unions and corporations be permission-based – reflecting approval of individual members and shareholders prior to being made in political campaigns. Labor Unions should have to ask their members for approval to take money out of an individual’s paycheck and then ask permission from that individual if they want to contribute that money to a candidate or cause. Corporations should have disclose 60 days in advance who they intend to contribute to and require a majority vote by shareholders approving the contribution budgets for the year. Shareholders should have the option to opt out allowing them to receive an enhanced dividend.

Enhance Transparency of Fundraising and Election Spending

The public deserves to know who is spending what on political ads. Unfortunately, many political ads avoid any disclosure requirements by promoting a candidate or attacking a candidate without crossing the line of explicitly urging a vote for or against the candidate. Carl DeMaio proposes to expand the definition of “Independent Expenditures” in campaigns to include any ad that uses a candidates name or likeness as an independent expenditure regardless of whether they explicitly encourage votes for or against a candidate. With this expanded definition, the public will have greater transparency on who is spending what on political campaigns.

End the Revolving Door of Politicians and Lobbyists

Carl DeMaio proposes tougher limits that close the revolving door between politicians and lobbying groups by prohibiting elected officials from becoming paid lobbyists once they leave office. 

Expand Enforcement and Independence by Watchdog Agencies

Carl DeMaio wants to give the oversight agencies such as the Federal Election Commission, Fair Political Practices Commission, and the Ethics Commission greater enforcement powers to ensure that campaign rules are properly followed. Moreover the board members of these oversight agencies should NOT be appointed by the politicians as currently done - they should be selected using the jury-model process so average citizens will serve as the watchdogs of politicians.