Defending Constitutional Freedoms

Our individual freedoms are under assault by government and  by fringe groups that demand you respect their personal freedoms but have no problem disrespecting your personal freedoms. - Carl DeMaio

Defend Freedom of Speech

Carl DeMaio is concerned by the discrimination and intimidation tactics used by college Administrators and far left groups to silence viewpoints they disagree with.  DeMaio proposes legislation to require colleges to maintain an environment where free speech is protected and respected. 

In addition, DeMaio believes that labor unions imposing mandatory dues on all workers for political advocacy constitutes “compelled speech” that is unconstitutional. As such DeMaio supports allowing individuals to opt out of paying union dues.

Defend Religious Freedom

Our churches and faith-based organizations have a fundamental Constitutional right to practice their faith without government interference.  Unfortunately, some far-left politicians repeatedly seek to pass legislation and impose regulations that violate our religious freedoms.  DeMaio will oppose any effort, law or regulation to force Churches and faith-based organizations to violate their religious beliefs.

2nd Amendment Right to Self-Defense

Carl DeMaio believes the best way to improve public safety is to protect the 2nd Amendment right of individuals to bear arms. DeMaio will oppose any effort to weaken our 2nd Amendment rights and supports reciprocity laws for Concealed Carry Permits. In 2017, Carl DeMaio was awarded the Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award from San Diego County Gun Owners PAC for his work defending the 2nd Amendment.

HealthCare Freedom

Carl DeMaio supports personal freedom and opposes government intruding into healthcare decisions that should be left to individuals to make in a manner consistent with their faith, individual situation, and family plans.  DeMaio supports policies that will reduce the number of abortions in our country and support adoption alternatives. 

DeMaio opposes taxpayer funding of abortions and opposes unconstitutional efforts to require faith-based organizations to advocate for abortion services.

Due Process and 4th Amendment

Carl DeMaio is concerned by the abuse of our 4th Amendment rights by national security surveillance programs and asset forfeiture laws and will seek reforms of these tools in law enforcement to protect due process for all Americans.