Border Security and Ending Illegal Immigration

Build the Wall and Secure the Border – Period.

Carl DeMaio believes that any immigration reform must start with fully securing the border.  A physical wall – along with modern technology – is absolutely necessary.  In addition DeMaio calls for a significant expansion in Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) staffing levels and full legal, operational, and technical support to allow them to do their jobs. 

End Sanctuary City Policies

Sanctuary Cities harbor criminals plain and simple.  There is absolutely no excuse for these policies and they are unconstitutional.  DeMaio supports the full and immediate repeal of SB 54 – California’s Sanctuary State law through a voter initiative.  In addition DeMaio supports withholding federal funds from any government entity that refuses to cooperate with federal law enforcement on illegal immigration matters.

Fully Enforce E-Verify and Impose Welfare Reform

Big business wants more illegal immigration because it provides a source of cheap labor they can exploit.  Carl DeMaio proposes greater penalties on businesses that knowingly employ illegal immigrants and seeks an expansion and improvement of the E-Verify program to prevent illegal immigrants from obtaining jobs.  In addition, Carl DeMaio wants expansion of welfare fraud detection and mitigation programs to ensure that illegal immigrants do not access welfare benefit programs – and opposes the State of California’s decision to expand welfare benefits for illegal immigrants.

End Chain Migration

Carl DeMaio supports the RAISE Act that would end chain migration, terminate the Diversity Visa Lottery program, and replace our broken immigration system with a merit-based selection process that fully vets individuals seeking entry in the US on the basis of their merit, jobs skills, mastery of English, and a full criminal background check.