Balancing the Budget and Pension Reform

"I authored the plan to save San Diego from bankruptcy and implemented reforms with votes from both political parties. We must reform how government spends our money." --Carl DeMaio

Politicians from both political parties have a spending problem. Each election we hear politicians railing against excessive spending, but once they are in office we see little action. Something has to change. The massive debt burdens at the federal, state and local levels are only getting worse.

Shift to Performance-Based Budgeting

Carl DeMaio is a nationally-recognized budget expert. As a city councilmember from 2008-2012, DeMaio read the entire city’s budget and reviewed it line by line. He found millions in wasteful spending, and proposed new ways to deliver services in each department. DeMaio authored the landmark Roadmap to Recovery Budget that showed that we could balance the city’s budget without tax increases and still improve services, rather than gut and cut them. More importantly, DeMaio has a record of bringing Democrats and Republicans together to implement his budget reforms. We must enact these kinds of reforms at every level of government - and continue the push for performance-based budgeting.

Reform Government Compensation and Pension Benefits

Politiicians are too beholden to the campaign cash of the government labor unions.  That's why salaries and and pensions of many government employees are excessive. Six-figure pension payouts, outrageous bonuses and overtime payouts, huge salary hikes, etc.  We must reform government compensation packages to government workers receive no better, and no worse, than the private sector.  We must always benchmark government compensation so it is not excessive. Carl DeMaio authored the landmark Pension Reform Initiative that reformed the bloated pensions in San Diego - and he proposes to take that reform model across California and the nation.

Performance Audits for Every Program

Taxpayers deserve to get results from their hard-earned tax dollars. DeMaio played a key role in the implementation of the Government Performance and Results Act – which requires every government program to measure and report performance to the public. Unfortunately, these performance reports are largely ignored by our elected leaders. We must insist on regular performance audits of every government program using transparency performance measures of succcess and holding government managers accountable for continuous improvement.

Transform How Government Works: Doing More With Less

The private sector has done it. America’s working families do it to. In lean times, we need to rethink how things are done so we get the biggest bang for the buck. Carl DeMaio built a career out of analyzing government programs to identify cost efficiencies and performance improvements. Improvements can be made in every government program – saving taxpayers money and improving services. We cannot balance the budget simply by adopting a “gut and cut” mentality. As a fiscal watchdog, Carl DeMaio will continue to look for ways to reform government programs to do more with less and find solutions that make government work better.

Open Government Services Up to Competition

Government agencies should open their work up to open competitive bidding to see if outside groups can perform the work bettter.  DeMaio has helped pass competitive sourcing reforms at every level of government that save between 15-30% of the cost of government work. It is time to demand open and regular competitive bidding of government services - and demand an end to no-bid contracts.