DeMaio Outlines 5-Point Reform Agenda to Take Back California

As Chairman of Reform California, Carl DeMaio is leading the fight to take back California from out-of-control politicians.  DeMaio unveiled a 5-point "Reform Agenda" that he hopes will become a rallying point for all who oppose one-party control of California.

"The forces of big government and high taxes are on the march and we must be regroup and be ready to fight them," DeMaio said.  

"When Sacramento politicians propose extreme policies and higher taxes, we must respond with a positive agenda that addresses the biggest concerns of Californians regardless of their political party," DeMaio notes.

DeMaio's 5-Point Agenda will be the focus of Reform California in the 2019-2020 election cycle.

Goal 1: Make California Affordable Again

Goal 2: Budget & Pension Reform

Goal 3: Fix the Roads & Improve Infrastructure

Goal 4: Reduce Crime and Homelessness

Goal 5: Hold Government Accountable

Read more on the specifics of DeMaio's Reform Agenda here: www.ReformCalifornia.org