DeMaio Blasts Proposed “Water Tax” as Just Another Way to Hose Taxpayers

Carl DeMaio blasted a proposal cooked up by Gov. Gavin Newsom to impose a tax on water.  The so-called “Water Tax” would be a new tax imposed on every water bill in California and would be added on top of the actual cost of water consumed by each Californian.  California already has some of the highest water rates in the nation!

DeMaio is launching a campaign to block the Water Tax from taking effect and is urging all Californians to join is effort.

“This outrageous Water Tax must be stopped because it is just another way out-of-touch Sacramento politicians are trying to hose taxpayers,” said Carl DeMaio.  “The Water Tax is unfair and unnecessary and will just be yet another blow to working families who already struggle with high cost-of-living,” DeMaio concluded. 

DeMaio’s campaign includes an immediate grassroots effort to contact Sacramento legislators to urge them to oppose the Water Tax.  If the Water Tax passes, DeMaio proposes legal action and a possible ballot initiative to reverse the tax.

Join Carl DeMaio’s campaign to Stop the Water Tax.  Sign this petition and share it with your friends.