Carl DeMaio Calls Out Closed Door Effort at City Hall to Undo Voter Reforms

San Diego City Council Considers Motion to Force Taxpayers to Pay for Illegal Pension Credits

If approved, Carl DeMaio vows referendum to force issue to 2016 ballot

September 22, 2016 - It’s happening again.  Some on the City Council are bowing to a scheme proposed by the government unions to force taxpayers to pay millions more for high-priced city pensions.

The attached memo from the City Attorney was prepared for the Closed Session being held on this matter.  Taxpayers already won a big lawsuit against city employees. The courts ruled the taxpayers are NOT responsible for these extra pension costs.  In 2003 the pension board (dominated by the employee unions) gave away “phantom” pension credits to spike pensions and failed to charge the city employees the appropriate contribution amount.

Under the court ruling, city employees either have to pay the proper contribution amount OR their pension payout will only be based on what they properly contributed.

“By bringing this issue up behind closed doors, some members of the San Diego City Council want to force taxpayers to pick up the tab for an illegal scheme unions concocted in 2003 to spike government pensions,” noted Carl DeMaio. “If they approve this measure, I will help lead a referendum to force this taxpayer giveaway onto the 2016 ballot so voters can block the politicians,” DeMaio concluded. 

DeMaio authored Prop B in 2012 which blocks one avenue being considered by the Mayor and City Council to force taxpayers to pay for these improperly inflated pension payouts.  On Monday, DeMaio raised this issue on his radio show on NewsRadio 600 KOGO – and he will revisit the topic today from 1-4pm. 

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