Carl DeMaio Announces Success in Gas Tax Repeal Signature Drive

Carl DeMaio is pleased to announce that his effort to repeal California's controversial gas-tax has gathered enough signatures to land on the 2018 ballot.

In a press conference held at the Gas Tax Repeal Campaign's headquarters, DeMaio said they have gathered nearly 900,000 signatures, though they only needed 585,000 signatures to qualify for a spot on the ballot.

"That outpouring of voter disgust with the car and gas tax hikes should be a message that Sacramento politicians should hear loud and clear," DeMaio said.

California's gas-tax was passed by Gov. Jerry Brown. Since November 2017, Californians have had to pay an extra $0.12 for regular, $0.20 for diesel, and beginning January 2, 2018, more on car registration fees.

"Governor Brown should have kept his word in allowing voters the final say. They didn't do that. You know why? Because they know that when the voters have a chance to vote ... the voters are going to say 'hells to the no,'" DeMaio said.

To join DeMaio's campaign to stop the car and gas tax hikes, visit www.stopthecartax.org