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  • October 23rd, 2014 (All day)

    DeMaio Unveils "No Budget, No Pay - For Real" Act to Hold Congress Accountable

    Scott Peters' Vote Let Congress Get Paid for Government Shutdown

    San Diego - Carl DeMaio today unveiled his "No Budget, No Pay - For Real" Act that would impose tough penalties on Members of Congress when they fail to pass a budget on time. DeMaio also blasted incumbent...

  • October 21st, 2014 (All day)

    Carl DeMaio Unveils Major VA Reform Plan, Receives Endorsement From Prominent Veterans and Former VA Sec. Principi

    Leaders Cite DeMaio’s expertise in reforming government

    San Diego – Carl DeMaio today received a major endorsement from prominent veteran leaders, retired flag officers, and the fourth Secretary of Veterans Affairs Anthony Principi. All cited DeMaio’s expertise in government...

  • October 20th, 2014 (All day)

    DeMaio Releases Shocking Pension Report, Unveils National Fix

    Top City Pension Payout Hits $785,679
    Top 100 Payouts Averaged $324,242
    Top 1000 Payouts Averaged $133,629
    DeMaio Unveils Federal Law to Curb Pension Abuses

    San Diego - Carl DeMaio released a report today listing the top government pensions paid out in San Diego and the...

  • October 17th, 2014 (All day)

    DeMaio Critical Of Obama Administration Over Choice In Ebola Czar

    Says leadership has been slow and too political

    Carl DeMaio today released this statement in wake of the news that President Obama selected a politician to become the Administration's Ebola Czar:

    "Today, President Obama finally got around to appointing an Ebola Czar. The...

  • October 15th, 2014 (All day)

    Carl DeMaio Wins Backing of San Diego Asian Americans for Equality

    SDAAFE Cites DeMaio's Leadership on Job Creation and Education Reform

    San Diego – With Asian voters constituting 18% of his district, San Diego Congressional candidate Carl DeMaio today received the endorsement of the prominent "San Diego Asian Americans for Equality" (SDAAFE)....

  • October 13th, 2014 (All day)

    American Nurses Association PAC Endorses Carl DeMaio for Congress

    ANA California Cites DeMaio's Leadership on Common-Sense Health Care Reform

    San Diego - Citing his impressive ideas to fix challenges in health care, the American Nurses Association PAC today announced its endorsement of Carl DeMaio for Congress.

    "While the political...

  • October 6th, 2014 (All day)

    Carl DeMaio Blasts Scott Peters On Massive Cuts To Medicare

    Peters voted to implement $716 billion in draconian cuts to Medicare, and on live TV disregards millions of Americans who depend on its coverage

    San Diego - Carl DeMaio today blasted Rep. Scott Peters for voting for $716 billion in massive cuts to Medicare, and slamming Peters...

  • September 16th, 2014 (All day)

    DeMaio Releases Education Reform Plan

    Best teachers would receive better pay – all performance ratings would be posted online for parents to review and comment

  • September 15th, 2014 (All day)

    DeMaio Calls on Scott Peters to Return the $69,338.27 He Charged Taxpayers for His New BMW

    Peters charged San Diego taxpayers nearly $70,000 to drive to work

    San Diego - A newly-released public records document from the City of San Diego on September 4 shows Scott Peters, who is personally worth more than $100 million, charged over $69,338.27 to San Diego taxpayers for...

  • September 10th, 2014 (All day)

    Nation’s Largest Small Business Group Endorses Carl DeMaio

    “Carl DeMaio is the choice of small business."

    San Diego – Flanked by a dozen San Diego small business owners, the largest small business group in the country, National Federation of Independent Business, announced today it has endorsed Carl DeMaio for Congress.