DeMaio Blasts Proposed “Water Tax” as Just Another Way to Hose Taxpayers

Carl DeMaio blasted a proposal cooked up by Gov. Gavin Newsom to impose a tax on water.  The so-called “Water Tax” would be a new tax imposed on every water bill in California and would be added on top of the actual cost of water consumed by each Californian.  California already has some of the highest water rates in the nation! DeMaio is launching a campaign to block the Water Tax from taking effect and is urging all Californians to join is effort. Read more


DeMaio Outlines 5-Point Reform Agenda to Take Back California

As Chairman of Reform California, Carl DeMaio is leading the fight to take back California from out-of-control politicians.  DeMaio unveiled a 5-point "Reform Agenda" that he hopes will become a rallying point for all who oppose one-party control of California. "The forces of big government and high taxes are on the march and we must be regroup and be ready to fight them," DeMaio said.   Read more


DeMaio Statement on Pension Reform Ruling

California Supreme Court: Prop B Pension Reform Still In Place, But Lower Court May Consider Remedy Pension Reformers Put Courts and Unions on Notice: Don’t Try to Overturn Vote of the People The California Supreme Court today issued a ruling on Prop B – San Diego’s landmark Pension Reform Initiative adopted by 67% of San Diego voters in 2012. Government labor unions have been seeking to invalidate the entire measure and had filed three separate legal challenges over the years. Read more


Carl DeMaio Invites You to Join - Yes on Prop 6 Gas Tax Repeal Campaign

Carl DeMaio is leading the Yes on Prop 6 - Gas Tax Repeal Campaig.  You help is desperately needed!   There are two reasons to help the Yes on Prop 6 - Gas Tax Repeal Initiative campaign. 1) it costs you a lot more than you think – the tax hike will cost the typical family of four $779.28 more per year in taxes 2) it won’t fix our roads – this is a blank check tax hike that has already been diverted away from road repairs. How You Can Be Part of the Yes on Prop 6 - Gas Tax Repeal Campaign Read more


Carl DeMaio Issues Endorsements and Voter Guide for June 2018 Primary

Key offices at the local San Diego and California state level will be voted on in the 2018 Primary Election this June. Carl DeMaio has thoroughly vetted these candidates and has issued an endorsement in almost every race. "I'm endorsing only candidates who 1) are opposed to tax increases - particularly the Gas Tax hike 2) are committed to cutting red tape on small business and job creators and 3) are fighting to protect our personal freedoms," said DeMaio. Read more


Carl DeMaio Announces Success in Gas Tax Repeal Signature Drive

Carl DeMaio is pleased to announce that his effort to repeal California's controversial gas-tax has gathered enough signatures to land on the 2018 ballot. In a press conference held at the Gas Tax Repeal Campaign's headquarters, DeMaio said they have gathered nearly 900,000 signatures, though they only needed 585,000 signatures to qualify for a spot on the ballot. "That outpouring of voter disgust with the car and gas tax hikes should be a message that Sacramento politicians should hear loud and clear," DeMaio said. Read more