Sign the Petition: DeMaio Proposes Audit of Voter Rolls to Stop Voter Fraud

If you want to ensure that your vote counts and illegal voting is not happening in your county, please sign this petition sponsored by former San Diego City Councilman Carl DeMaio.

This petition demands a full and independent audit of the voter rolls in California.

“I’m proposing a simple way to provide assurance to California voters that no illegal voting is occurring,” said Carl DeMaio who is proposing the audit initiative. “If no illegal voting is happening, what do the politicians fear with conducting this kind of audit?” asks DeMaio.

The best part of DeMaio’s proposal is politicians in Sacramento cannot stop the audit. Under existing California state laws, every county has the legal responsibility to oversee elections. Each County is governed by five elected members of the Board of Supervisors. While California as a whole is a “blue state” controlled by one-party rule of the Democrats, the vast majority of California counties are actually controlled by Republican majorities.

The petition will be delivered to the members of your county’s board. The petition stipulates the three questions the vote audit would cover: illegal registrations, dead voters, and impersonation of inactive voters. The results would be made public and any deficiencies would have to be corrected.

DeMaio’s plan still works even if every county in California does not conduct an audit. Under federal law, evidence of illegal voting can be used in a federal civil rights lawsuit to force all California counties to enact reforms to deter illegal voting.

“We need the evidence and if even a handful of counties reveal evidence of illegal voting, we can file a federal civil rights lawsuit to force California politicians to clean up our elections,” DeMaio notes.

Sign the petition here