More Problems Found in Briggs-Frye Tax Hike Measure

A legal analysis of the tax hike measure being promoted by Cory Briggs and former Councilwoman Donna Frye raises serious concerns over the legality of the measure that is now being promoted by the Chargers as a possible revenue source for their downtown stadium project.

Lawyers for Seltzer Caplan McMahon Vitek say the measure violates the California state constitution by trying to avoid a two-thirds vote to get tax increases approved when they are earmarked for specific expenditures.

The legal memo is just the latest in problems uncovered in the measure.

Deception: Signature collectors for Briggs and Frye are outright lying by saying the measure saves Comic-Con.  Comic-Con actually opposes the measure, but Briggs and Frye continue to advance that misrepresentation.

Blank-Check Tax Hike: Briggs and Frye are caught in a pickle – if they continue to claim the vote for approval is only 50%, then what they are fronting is simply a blank-check tax hike that gives politicians money with no guarantees on how it will be spent.

Threat to Tourism: The Briggs/Frye measure will destroy any chance of expanding the convention center and will likely result in the loss of Comic-Con.

Backroom Deals: The measure is NOT the outgrowth of “citizens” but a series of backroom deals designed to buy off politically powerful interest groups.  The landowner who benefits the most is bankrolling the entire measure.