DeMaio to Announce Legal Challenge of Hotel Tax Scheme

Briggs Tax Initiative Violates Prop 13 - DeMaio Announces Pledge to Challenge Measure in Court Since Proposal Contains “Back-Door Earmarks” Requiring a 2/3rds Vote

WHAT:  Announcement of legal challenge to Briggs Initiative – a measure that would raise hotel taxes by 5% and allow for earmarking of funds without the Constitutionally-required 2/3rds vote of electors

WHO:  Carl DeMaio – Chairman of Reform California

WHEN:  Friday, October 23, 2015 at 1:05pm

WHERE: Live on his radio show – NewsRadio 600 KOGO - Link for live-streaming: http://www.kogo.com/onair/demaioreport-56776/

WHY: “Cory Briggs has hatched a dubious scheme to raise taxes and try to bypass important taxpayer protections in the state Constitution.  If by some miracle his measure passes, I intend to file a lawsuit challenging its legality.” – Carl DeMaio